Miriam Steiner

Miriam Steiner

Writer, campaigner

I write about equality, sustainability projects, politics and third sector music education.

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Sussex 5 sophie jones 1 article
The Badger

Translating the data: Journalism in transition | The Badger

Translating the data: Journalism in transition | Th...

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The Badger

Sussex needs to ramp up with it's accessibility • The Badger

I am not an impairment. I am a student. I go to Grubbs and Subway too often, I stay out late, I love studying my subject and I try to...

12 10 10 london student riots article
The Badger

Should the NUS have backed out of the Free Education demo? • The Badger

With the NUS withdrawing support for the Free Education demonstration on November 19th on the grounds of health and safety, The Badger asks if they made the right decision? Yes...

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The Badger

We aren’t there yet: Education equality at Sussex and beyond

I had the pleasure of running in the student elections last week to be a candidate for the NUS Conference. At a pre-election briefing, I met the only candidate who applied for NUS’ black students’ conference. Four places are available from the University of Sussex to go to this conference, for any student who self-identifies as black, yet only one student...

The Badger

Gap between rich and poor students wider than ever | The Badger

Gap between rich and poor students wider than ...

Courtney lovejoy religion on campus 11 1764x700 article
The Badger

Losing my religion?

For a university famed for individualism and liberalism, it seems unsurprising for some that religion doesn’t take centre stage at Sussex. You are far more likely to see someone wearing a yellow square than a cross when walking around campus. But according to a 2010 NUS survey...

Sophie jones 2 1 article
The Badger

Access Sussex becomes Union campaign • The Badger

The Access Sussex campaign has been accepted as an official Students’ Union campaign. The campaign was set up earlier this term by Miriam Steiner, who explained the struggles of disabled...